About JR's Import Cars


At J.R.'s Import Cars we provide auto repair and computer diagnostics, plus collision paint services under one roof.  We are state licensed, factory trained and have 27 years experience, so you can feel comfortable and confident in our workmanship.    





I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and how J.R.'s Import Cars came about.

John Radice - President


Zumbach Sports Cars 1978-1990

Old SaabI started as a P.D.I. helper in new car preparation.  I was trained by the best of Europe's old world technicians such as Frank Carboni, shop foreman at that time, who I am eternally grateful for all his support and experience he has passed on to me.  I worked my way up every facet of repairs, finishing as the shop foreman and team leader later on.  One of the owners, John Mender Sr., was always known for his committment to quality and his company, along with his partner Wefner Maeder were like fathers to me and gave me every opportunity they would give to their own sons.  To really enhance my lifes experience, there was a parts manager named Alan Nagle who was like a brother to me, but I still can't believe how many part numbers a person can memorize.  I have been very fortunate to have had many good teachers along the way at SAAB, Zumbach and all the good techs I have worked with along the way. 


Precision Motors 1991-1995

I moved on after 11 1/2 years at Zumbach to work for 10 months out of my garage doing side jobs on cars, mostly SAABS. I saved my money and found a garage for rent and opened my first business January of 1991 in Bergenfield, NJ.  I worked it for four years building my business up  and learning all facets of business in the process.  Seeing the area was too crowded with unlicensed repair and autobody businesses, which I saw as a negative for my shop location, I moved to a more central location in Edgewater, NJ on the river between the George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel.


J.R.'s Import Cars/J.R.'s SAAB 1995 - Present

This was a very tough move 17 miles from my 1st location.  But the town would soon be transferring from a dead factory town to a booming water front community.  It was perfectly located and growing just right.  Like anything, through dedication and hard work, plus I have an autobody degree and license, I have today one of the few, all in one, auto repair and autobody licensed shops in the New York tri-state area.  Today, I work on many high end sports cars such as Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Porche, Mercedes Benz and BMW.  But I still am an expert and in love with SAAB's.  Thats how it started and thats how it is today!


A Special Note To My Family

A special 'thank you', to my wife and three greatest kids in the world who have inspired me and kept me centered spiritually.  Ana you are always understanding and keep things together.  Lindsey, what can I say, we do everything together.  Johnny Jr. is an exact duplicate of myself so I won't brag anymore.  Emma is all of our little sister and baby and hopes and dreams.

God Bless You,